The human psyche, according to Gygax

Lokes and I agreed heartily just now that Gary Gygax has the human psyche down pat.

I mean, really, doesn’t his alignment spectrum just about cover every human character out there?

1. Chaotic good: The Rebel persona – You believe in killing one person, for the good of the many
2. Lawful good: The Hang Tuah persona – die die will support his king and give up his lady, even if he is miserable inside, because he believes that will eventually achieve good
3. Neutral good: The Dr DoGood (is there such a person?) persona – will save lives, even if it’s the life of a criminal
4. Lawful neutral: The Drone persona – do what is commanded of you, no matter the cost
5. Neutral: The Dumb Blonde persona – no opinions, prejudices, thoughts whatsoever.
6. True neutral: The Treehugger persona – nobody benefits but those who can’t fend for themselves, like animals. Or trees.
7. Chaotic neutral: The Lalang persona – anything also can. As long as I benefit, I love everybody and hate nobody.
5. Neutral evil: The Survivor persona – I’ll do anything to survive. And I might enjoy it a little too.
6. Lawful evil: The Mother-in-Law persona – I own you, bitch.
7. Chaotic evil: The Ted Bundy persona – bordering on insane, the full embodiment of evil itself.

Psychologists should learn from Gygax. I mean, anyone who doesn’t fit in one (or more) of these alignments must not be of this world! Wouldn’t it be simpler to tell someone, “You killed your mother-in-law because she’s Lawful Evil and you’re Neutral Evil, that’s all” instead of having to psychoanalyse the person, dissect his/her childhood and what not? Simple and to the point.

Which Gygax alignment are you?

Quick, someone create a Gygax quadrant (like the Kevan Nohari/Johari boxes). Or use this quiz (might not work if you don’t know what ‘adventure’ means).


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