’nuff said and done

Someone asked me if I’d heard of the whole inappropriate European comic and Singaporean phone porn fiasco that people have been blogging about this last couple of weeks, ‘coz if I did, why hadn’t I posted my opinion on the matter.

And I’m not linking those either for the same reason.

I think enough has been said already and those who can’t stop talking or blogging about it are just traffic whoring, right (been waiting all YEAR to use that phrase LOL – c’mon lighten up. You can blog about anything you want!)?

I have other things to worry about, like trying to settle down in my new home, and wondering if my stuff’s okay at sea, and missing my friends and family back home in Malaysia. Minding my business, that is. There’s been enough over-reaction over both issues.

Truth be told, I did DO something about the comic. Just that it wasn’t on this blog. I emailed a certain someone about how I felt he should’ve handled the NST whole matter. He responded in kind. And that was that.

And that’s why my blog will never see the business end of WordPress’ fastest growing list or top blogs ever!


ps. For another perspective on the comic issue, read New Yorker’s The Talk of the Town comment called Images by Jane Kramer.


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