DIY healthcare

Haven’t had the time to really blog these two days due to a little commotion in the household.

Raeven’s down with a urinary tract infection which caused her to have a fever two nights ago, and it wouldn’t go away until this morning, so yea, I’ve had other things on my mind.

Suffice to say, this was not a pleasant experience. She wouldn’t pee because it hurt. She threw up because of all the water she had to drink. She won’t eat. Thanks to the antibiotics the doctor prescribed, she’s now better.

The healthcare system here is so different from Malaysia’s, and I hear that it’s the same in Australia. Back home, you go to a doctor, you get diagnosed and they prescribe meds you can take from a counter in the same clinic.

Here, you can’t just walk into a clinic. For non-urgent care, you have to make appointments. For urgent care, you go to a hospital or a privately owned Urgent Care clinic, such as if you have something that requires urgent treatment. After you go through the checkup, you’re given a prescription. You then have to get yourself to a pharmacy and then wait half an hour for the pharmacist to check if they have what you need. If not, you need to visit another pharmacy. Usually, people drop their prescriptions in a letter box so they pick their meds up a day after, or they just wait.

This is SO new to me. I mean, here I was with a sick child in the car, trying to get the antibiotics she needs to feel better, and I had to go traipsing around town with my prescription half a day to get it. It’s a little ridiculous and frankly, not very efficient. Maybe it’s just me and my third-world mentality. But what’s the rationale, really, for clinics not to have their own pharmacies? Is it a cost thing? I mean, can’t you carry emergency meds, for like when you know this person needs to take his antibiotics right away?

Anyway, I already have a ton of meds in my cabinet now. No wonder people here invest in pharmaceuticals like nobody’s business!

ps. Good news. Our shipment has arrived and cleared customs. Probably arriving next week to our house, so yay!



  1. Rach said

    Yeah it’s the same in NZ too! Perhaps so there’s no personal vested interest in the clinic and doctors, financially? Not too sure… pharmacists are a pain… you can wait up to 30 mins to get your medication!

  2. simmie said

    Most clinics do have their own pharmacy but the meds are pricier. Most Americans choose to buy it outside because it’s cheaper. For minor stuff, people usually buy meds off the store shelf. Hardly anyone goes to the doctor if it’s anything minor. If it’s serious treatment, people usually get an appointment. That is why it’s a big deal when it comes to searching for a doctor/physician.

  3. Wena said

    for Raevan’s infection, goto a supermarket and grab some cranberry juice. it will go down immediately although she may have to drink it for the next few days.

    if she’s not too adverse to taking tablets, that will also work. in fact, probably faster.

    i found this out from my mum’s American friend. also, cranberry tablets will work wonders with thrush. heh! feel free to edit the last word. it’s also less expensive than having to goto a doctor in the USA. i understand from my sister it’s about USD100 per visit without health insurance.

  4. Jenn said

    Bad news. Raeven has E.coli so not sure if the cranberry will still work. Changed her antibiotics from Sulfatrim to Omnicres. Sigh. This is really bad news.

  5. Wena said

    oh dear. i hope she’ll get better soon.

    the cranberry may or may not work. oh well. 😦 unless she wants to drink it. it’s still a nice drink but will leave it to mummy to decide. 🙂

    if she’s having diarrhoa, my wise 78 year old uncle who is a doctor has a very philosophical advice. “rather than take those mineral packets and mixing with water, in my day we used to put some salt into 7-up and ask our patients to drink up. definitely tastes a lot better.” probably raevan may not like this way though. 😉

    if u’re having a lot of problems while loke is away, is there someone whom you can contact at raeven’s kindy for help? or even loke’s company – i’m sure they are understanding enough to provide some help since you all have just arrived. most companies would provide support to families who just moved over to acclimatized themselves. if not, the kindy – the American mothers usually have a strong network going around.

    anyway, hang in there mummy! u’re doing alrite. 🙂

  6. Kelantan Gal said

    Yeah, I know it’s such a pain, the phamarcy thing. It’s a money making thing, instead of all the money going to one person (the doctor), you pay a fee to the doctor and to the pharmarcist.

    It is true that they don’t want the doctors to have vested interest in selling certain drugs over others, but common, they already do that when the prescribe medicines. They tell you what to buy what…. and even give you free samples that the pharma company dropped off.

    My friend made friends with a pharmacist and when she really needs the meds urgently, she calls up the pharmacist friend and he gets it done for her quickly. Too bad for the other sick people waiting for their meds, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. Wena – my paed says cranberry would be great if Rae would drink it, so I’m gonna try getting her to drink some. Just hope no long term complications arrive re her condition.

  8. Wena said

    me too. 😦 fingers crossed since i gave u that suggestion.

  9. jenn said

    din mean complications fr the cranberryla hehe I meant her e coli and kidneys 😉

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