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Who needs? First to comment (who doesn’t already have one) gets it!



  1. snooki said

    stop changing your blog layout

  2. Eric said

    Heard from your piu che that Raeven contracted some virus, but she cannot remember what it’s called. What happened to poor Raeven? Is she feeling better now?
    Your recipe on the swiss roll looks good. must ask your piu che to try making some.
    Just came back with friends from weekend fishing. Will call you this weekend.

  3. jennemede said

    Snooks: Stop trolling my blog! 🙂

    Eric: Yea, it’s ecoli. She’s much better now, thanks!

  4. Nancy said

    This is my first time on a blog checking it out. How do you get a blog? Do you need your own website?

  5. No need. Just a computer and Net access 🙂 Go to and get one today (you dont need invites for that site).

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