Dream a little dream

I know some people think it’s a sign of mental illness, but I’ve always been able to remember most of my dreams. And lucid dreaming (where in the dream, you realise you’re dreaming and you try to control it) was a ‘skill’ I’ve developed during my teenage years, where I’ve been fascinated with dreams where I could fly. It was such a wonderful feeling that I tried to fly in whichever dream I was having. I would be fleeing from some unknown terror, suddenly realise I was in a dream, and then take flight. It was just amazing.

I haven’t ‘practised’ lucid dreaming in a while, or at least tried to fly in them, for years. Many times, I don’t even realise it anymore that I’m asleep and dreaming. When I was pregnant, I dreamt that Lokes had left me and my mom had died (it’s pretty common to have such dreams when you’re expecting) more than once, and oftentimes, woke up crying where Lokes had to wake me up, and I would STILL be crying. It was weird, but these dreams made me realise how precious my loved ones were to me, and for a while, I would treat them as though they’d been returned to me miraculously.

What brought on this reflection on my dreams? Last night, I dreamt that I went back to school. I had somehow managed to fit into my pinafore and had to finish some math paper I didn’t do so well in or something, and in one of the classes, met with several of my old school friends. We talked, and laughed. And even though I somehow knew it was a dream, I didn’t want it to stop.

And just when I did realise it, I woke up.

This isn’t the first time I dreamt of returning to school though. I think I miss my old life way too much back in Ipoh. And my friends. And now that I’m thousands of miles away, I miss them even more.

I wished I had learnt to appreciate my life then the way I do now. It was good, and I had plenty of opportunities even where I thought I had none.

And that’s the way it goes. We never appreciate the things we have, until they’re gone.

Youth. Beauty. That carefree spirit. The ability to laugh.

A 24-inch waist.

At least I still have the ability to make people laugh :). That’s good.


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  1. Asther said

    Yeah… u always make me laugh. Even your laughter is contagious!

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