Becareful what you post

I just found out that a certain female Malaysian NST writer went and created a blog to defame the famous Jeff Ooi.

Must be the little fuss he made over that cartoon her employers published. Hell hath no fury than a loyal employee?  

How did I do it? The wonder of Google and Google Blogsearch, in less than 15 minutes.

Moral of the story? If you want to be truly anonymous, leave no tracks.

Or else you might as well flame with your own name.


ps. I REALLY needed something to do!! (was also curious who got the balls – and time – to take on Jeff)



  1. Sashi said

    Wow. A female journalist? I was under the impression the writer was male.
    Interesting detective work – Any more clues on how you figured it out? Please? 😀

  2. Hey you!

    Well she left her email address in her blog. And that’s all you really need on Google 🙂

  3. Adoi, she removed my comment. Look!

    Now confirm it’s really her!

    (lucky I took screenshots all the way, in case she decides to call my bluff)

  4. eyeris said

    frankly, I don’t really care who it is. It’s still one heck of a better read than the site it’s flaming…

  5. Yea, she should claim the glory…

  6. BTW, how are u MCSC? 🙂 long time no see…

  7. Sashi said

    I noticed the e-mail address too, but I just thought it was fake.
    I tracked down a couple of instance of it online, but I couldn’t make any connection to NST or anything like that.

    Perhaps that’s down to insider knowledge or something?

  8. jennemede said

    Gotlah method 🙂

  9. eyeris said

    heehee. i only just realised who you actually are. didn’t notice your URL before this. 😀 haha. well, still surviving, and haven’t been for WU much these days… haha

  10. Yealah decided to change my blog since now I’m a FT mommy 😀

  11. KY said

    blogwar is the fun to read. 😀

  12. Wena said

    Jeff’s comment to me a couple of years ago when I met him.

    “Wena, you do realise that after meeting me, you may end up on a blacklist?”


  13. I don’t always agree with Jeff and I make my disagreements known to him – by email. I find mob commenting very distressing and people tend to tear things apart for no reason.

    But it’s interesting what a force he has become in the Msian media scene, -ve or +ve.

    The thing to remember is that he is one man after all, voicing his thoughts. And he is not infallible. We seem to keep expecting so much of people we dont even know, dont u think?

  14. Wena said

    i got to know jeff only as a fellow foodie. for views, yes i do drop him emails rather than commenting.

    although mostly i’m a bit more careful. living in sarawak, there’s really no privacy and it’s always unnerving to hear about your ins and outs even in the remotest places with people whom you’ve never heard off.

    too big a kampung.

  15. SM said

    Jenn, it could be a male writer with a female name

  16. jennemede said

    I know exactly who it isler SM hehe…

  17. DaftOi said

    flame? defame? nobody defames the National Free Speaker but himself, and providence, provided that after the kerfuffle with the comic, split public opinion on Tuanku so much that an idea birthed so long ago finally took root amongst his favoured grassroots.
    did you think to confound me, judge me or gain such favour with the Almighty himself?
    Beneath these pictures and persona, is not a man or a woman, hateful, scornful or otherwise. it is an idea, and ideas are already anonymous. there are only catalysts. one should be careful over what they are a catalyst of, for sure.

  18. Daftoi: You’ve confounded me, that’s for sure!

    Maybe it’s all that rock music.

    Or Christian music…

  19. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “return the favor”.I am trying to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

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