Finding my niche

Long periods of inactivity are not so good for me.

People think. I do too, but they tend to go down a little intense. Which is why I keep busy, or else I’ll descend into the abscesses of self loathing so putrid I might just go a full circle from absolutely hating myself, to a little too much self love, if you know what I mean.

Thank God there’s not much time to actually sit down and be bored senseless.

I’m supposed to start my novel but I can’t decide if I should write a sci-fi one, or those chick lits. Irony is I read neither. Did a little R.A. Salvatore back in the day. I read crime fiction and classics nowadays. An odd but potent mix. Perhaps I will pay homage to Agatha and write a classic modern-day mystery.

Raeven is back to her usual self, thank God. Which is why I have more time to blog. Not sure if it’s a good thing because to blog, you have to think.

And thinking too much can be bad.

Bored in Seattle. What could be more pathetic?


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  1. Asther said

    Happy to know Raeven’s doing well now. Hope Sky didn’t catch it from Raeven!

    Hey… What happened to your photography. Go take some pics to stop the boredom. Hehehe…

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