Tartar sauce (gross post warning)

The title has nothing to do with the white stuff you eat with fish.

So Lokes and I went to the dentist today. Together. I mean, really. We were seated side by side in this pristine, spa-like environment. I mean, wow. They have Sinatra crooning. You get a big window overlooking a carpark right in front of your seat (better than white walls). Friendly, YOUNG and chatty dentists. Very nice. No wonder dental care is so expensive here (our bills came up to – wait for it – almost USD3k).

NOT kidding. Luckily, dental insurance covered most of it. We still had to fork out quite a bit, but yup. We took the numbers in, went to the car and basically flipped.

What does the 3k cover? Scalings, plugs and fills. I even had an x-ray done. Apparently, it’s malpractice if you scale or fill without an x-ray here, and I had fillings done like 15 years ago. I’ve visited the dentist about 20 times in Malaysia and nope, no x-rays. Lokes had one and that was because he broke like eight of his front teeth. Now we know the state of Malaysian dental care.

So the verdict? Tartar was out of control, had some gum recession, moderate perionditis. Funny thing is, both Lokes and me had the same problems.

Now our dentists have the impression that Malaysians have poor dental hygiene!

Tsk, sorry.

Now my gums feel holey.



  1. atti2de said

    hehe my dentist does an xray b4 doing anything.. just to show how bad state my teeth are, and that i shd be visiting him more often. but USD 3k! I can have another kid! (if u know what i mean)

  2. jennemede said

    yea!!! we just flipped nicely when we saw the bill. Crazzzyyy!

  3. Wena said

    my sis had to get all 4 wisdom tooth removed for insurance reasons. else, her premium had to go up.

    back here, the dentists all say not necessary unless it’s paining.

    makes one wonder.

  4. Yea the lady told me that all americans have their wisdom teeth removed when they’re still kids.

    Doc said I had one big cavity on my back tooth because it was in an unreachable place, pointing twds my throat, so no amount of brushing cld’ve cleaned it. Said I need an oral surgeon to remove it using general anaesthesia. Sounds horrible!

  5. Wena said

    it is. porridge for a week over.

    when my sis went she forgot to have someone on standby as she went under GA. luckily, no complications.

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  15. Whibiacoacy said

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