Everymom wants to be hip

Do you remember when you were like 21, and you’re sitting on the couch with your girlfriends, or just your boyfriend, and when the topic veered to a distant time in the future when you would want to have kids, and you told your significant other(s) that you would NEVER be a MOM mom, but your kid’s best friend, and be keeping in fashion with the latest styles, stay in shape, play baseball or video games with your son, or go clubbing with your daughter and so on and so forth?

Never happened. Lies. All of it.

Because by the time the baby comes out, and you’re chin-deep in diapers, and you’ve not washed your face or combed your hair in places hair shouldn’t even be growing, the last thing you want to do is to par-tay.

You think you can get out when they’re older? Try 17 years older. And by the time THAT happens, the only clubs you’ll be going to start with a B and end with an O, or in Malaysia, we like swimming clubs, for some reason.

Being hip – and wanting to be hip – when you don’t have the kids, that’s just mass media putting ideas in your head. Wishful, and naive, and a little presumptous. Perhaps when you’re 21 AND already having kids, you can recover by the time you’re 31, and THEN do all the cool things you said you’d do as a hip mom.

But I got pregnant at 28 and now I’m 33 with two under-sixes.

So the hippest thing I can do now, is blog. Parenting in itself, is crazy enough.

And play video games (like 6 o’clock in the morning, I’d be levelling my rogue, just barely into my coffee but wary of the fact that I just need another 5K of XP before the kids wake up and I can’t go for that big instance this weekend if I don’t level – IF they even let me come since I WILL most certainly quit in the middle unless I wake up like 4am instead of the usual 5am).

So that’s what being a Crazy Hip Blog Mama is to me – to fulfill a small bit of that ambition to be a cool mommy!


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  2. Nice post. When I was 21 and even 31 I didn’t want anything to do with kids – ever. Then when I was 41 I really wanted them but couldn’t have one. It’s amazing how many left turns there are in life!

  3. Mom101 said

    “so the hippest thing I can do now, is blog. Parenting in itself, is crazy enough.” What a FANTASTIC sentiment! In all seriousness, I’ve read a whole lot of these chbm prompts and that is one of my favorite thoughts yet. Keep on keepin’ on, mama….

  4. Belle said

    Hi! Just here via the CHBM ring. I agree…..it’s tough to find time to do anything hip after the kiddos come along! I’m 35 and mine are 13 and 12, so I am getting more into things that I like. It’s easier in a lot of ways when they get older, but it gets harder in some ways, too.

    Good to meet you 🙂

  5. who wants to be a hip mom when you are the Perfect Mom?? winks.

  6. Kelantan Gal said

    errmmm… you know… I think you are quite hip… that’s why I I faithfully read your blog. I don’t know any mums out there who religiously keeps up a blog for herself, her daughters and plays video games. And learning how to roller blade. Totally cool!!!

    The hippest part of you is that you are so open to allowing your kids explore the world, and you communicate well with them. Who needs a mum to be hip if you can’t communicate with her?

    Plus, the last thing you want to her from your girls is: “I wish you were less hip and more of a parent when I was growing up”. I have a couple of friends who wish their parents were “hip” when they were growing up.

  7. Jenn said

    Aiyo thanks KG ure so nice. I dont think I’ll ever be a perfect mom (hence the name of my blog) but I did give up my career for this so I’d BETTER do my job properly and parenthood/marriage isnt exactly something u can fudge up and get a second chance at!

    Not in my book anyways.

    Thx again for the kind words.

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