Toddlers are like balls

…they bounce back like you won’t believe.

My 16-month old preemie Skyler (can you still call her a preemie when she’s already a toddler?) – such a little trooper. Took her for follow-up jabs today for Hib and PCV (they don’t give these in Malaysia). Nurse said she’d do one on each thigh.

Yes, her fleshy, soft thighs.

I mean, aren’t there like a million nerves there? Why not the buttocks? So cruel. I love my girl’s chubby thighs.

Anyway, the poor girl screamed when the first one went in (didn’t see it coming), was shellshocked for a while, but screamed throughout the second shot.

But when the nurse pasted on the colourful stickers, Sky stopped and cooed at them, her stubby little left finger pointing at one.

And she actually smiled, eyes still glistening with tears that were practically pouring a second ago.

Now that’s what I call bounce.




  1. Asther said

    Awww… poor little Sky… but she’s a tough little girl!

  2. Jo said

    Hey Sky is looking prettier and prettier the more she grows older…. think she will grow to b more independent and not as “siew cheh” as her cheh cheh… my kind of gal….hahaha raeven will probably like her kei mah…hahaha

  3. Janice said

    Yeah…doesn’t take much to make her happy. She’s such an adorable easily contented little fella.
    Good on ya…Sky!!
    A bi smack kiss from ku ku

  4. Yea she IS a little trooper and so sporting about everything, as long as got food and play 🙂

  5. Eunice said

    Hey hey… just found this website!

    Waaah – Sky so big already! She’s got really pretty eyes…

    Just set my personal world clock to put Sydney’s time next to Seattle time. You’ll be hearing from me, soon!
    (not sure if Lokes told you, but the last time I called… you were asleep already!)


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