Origami, for the rest of us

Now I still don’t count myself as a tech savvy enough person even though I did IT journalism for so long but I have a few questions about how a device such as Microsoft’s spanking new Origami, what the company now calls the UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) will mean for one such as me.

Maybe it’s NOT targeted AT my demographic, but aside from the gadget freak slice, I’m really not sure who would NEED such a thing, cool and shiny as it may be. I would LOVE to have it – if it was free – but even if it’s like $500, why?

Since I’m quite the cool, shiny gadget fan, here are some PRACTICAL questions ‘coz I REALLY fail to see how it will “become as as indispensable and ubiquitous as mobile phones are today”, even in the next ten years. I lack vision!

Okay, so…

1. How MORE functional would it be for me, the i’mperfect mom, over my PDA-phone?

2. Sure it’s nice and small, but big enough to say, display good sized videos and online recipes, but why ditch my portable media player (if I had one) for the Origami (other than the fact that I can run XP on it)?

3. Actually the “Star Trek form factor” thing Otto was mentioning the UMPC is moving towards is way more cool. Why not go THERE first? Doesn’t that look Enterprise-y, guys?

4. Battery life: 2-3 hours is WAY too little if this is an “ultra mobile” device. How?



  1. Marauderz said

    Ooo ooo.. Let me try..

    1. It’s a companion to the phone, primarily it’s ligther and easier to carry around than any notebook you have, and yet still has the full Windows XP running on it. For digital photographers, or ppl on long term trips this is a god send cause.. not many photo storage bank devices can read RAW files produced by cameras (I only know of one!) Since this is running Windows XP.. well anything you can read on your desktop you can read here.

    2. Because your portable media player is never going to support every single, fan made, open sourced, modified video codec file out ther. ie (mkv, RealVideo, Ogg, etc. etc.) Even if they might be able to read the file they might have limitations to bitrate, resolution, etc. etc. Once again cause a UMPC runs windows XP, it’ll perform just as well as your desktop.. as long as you’re not playing WMV-HD files on it lar.

    3. Because going there first now means using expensive, low supply components to make something that small, thus nipping the flower in the bud cause the price tag is too high for ppl to afford and thus no adopters.

    4. Battery Life… aaaa… the all important diffrentiator. Battery life might not be as bad.. it all depends on what you’re doing with the thing anyway, and since the battery is interchangable at least you can get more if you need it. Unlike some heavily polished, white colored portable media player.

  2. jennemede said

    I think I know where the origami is going in terms of everyday use.

    Someone (or a lot of someones) will make a docking device one day that lets you stick the Origami on your car’s dashboard (imagine it fitting nicely where your CD player is for instance) for GPS or perhaps reading the news and communication, in your kitchen for recipe surfing, in your toilet, at the office, on shopping trolleys, at your nightstand.

    So maybe you don’t really need more than a max of three hours of batt life because when you’re driving or at home, you can just stick the origami in and it’ll be charging even when you use it? 

    If like that means I will buy one ONLY after all these docks come out!

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