Raeven’s first show and tell

My 3.5 year old Raeven had her first show and tell today at preschool, and she did so very well that I very almost teared up.

She’s usually quite timid with strangers and situations with a lot of people paying her attention, where she would shy away or even cry, but after two weeks of watching other kids do SNT, she was ready.

So we agreed that her little Easter Dora would have the honour of being her first show and tell item, put it in a bag and I wrote her some clues that Ms Karen, her teacher, could read out. When it was her turn, Raeven bravely went up to the SNT chair, sat down and went through the motions with nary a hitch. After the whole thing, she walked back to me, grinning from ear to ear. I was just SO proud of her.

After being so sick and all, it was just almost miraculous to have her do this.

Today was also the first day I had to go on ‘duty’ at the school, where Blocks and Sandbox was my charge. It wasn’t too bad, since I’d read everything on the instructional piece of paper given to all mommies at the school. Way to go, me!

Thank God for small mercies!

Tomorrow is Picture Day and one of Rae’s school friends, Abby E., will be celebrating her birthday, so we’ll make her a card this evening…after all the cleaning…




  1. Janice said

    Thumbs up, Raeven. She never fails to surprise us all…always putting up a bold front when you least expect it.

    Get well soon…big smack kiss from ku ku

  2. dreymie said

    awww.. she’s sucha big and brave grrl 🙂 good job raeven!

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