Nothing like an Unpacking Workout

Why haven’t I been blogging? Because our stuff from Malaysia arrived yesterday!

Got our beds back, our spoons, our toys, our useless disposable containers that the movers went ahead and packed anyway because we never disposed of them, and my 27 boxes of stationeries and office supplies (I dunno why but I just LOVE stationery!) even though I don’t work anymore.

Who needs to go to the gym when you have a three-storey home?

Anyway, there’s nothing really, to blog about, except that I did make time to attend another Parent Ed talk yesterday, this time by a renowned educator and speaker by the name of Cynthia Tobias. She spoke on the American education system, why kids find it so hard to go to school after Third Grade and also how to deal with strong-willed children. It was enlightening, but also very entertaining. She shared many funny stories that made me wonder if she should not’ve been a comedian instead, you know, with the parenting/kids jokes that I could SO relate to. As usual, I came away excited about applying the knowledge and sharing with Lokes about techniques we could employ to raise our two girls.

You can actually take a Child Profile that she has free on her site at that helps identify what kind of parent and/or child you are/have. Tobias has also written some books which you might find interesting. She shared some of the research and insights she and her team discovered about children and their patterns/behaviours, why they do/don’t do the things they do/don’t do – all to help you try to make raising them easier as well as HEALTHIER, which is really what all this is all about, trying to foster a stronger relationship with our kids, which is an uphill task AS kids get older, I’m sure parents out there who have kids older than nine or ten can totally agree with.

Another update: Rae just introduced me to her imaginary tiger pet/friend now, Salfun this morning. Should I be alarmed? I didn’t react. In fact, I shook its hand and said hi.

Maybe I should be alarmed.


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