Rae goes for her first birthday party!


Raeven went for her first birthday party yesterday at a place called ‘Pump it Up’ and today, she went for her first field trip to Fire Station #13! Check out pics in her blog, for the benefit of her ‘fans’ (relatives and my girl friends) hehe.




  1. Asther said

    Gosh… she’s grown so much!

  2. Sharon said

    What a cutesy little girl! Photogenic too! Btw, I read yr entry on the eyelash lengthening. Does it last? You did it in Jan, its now March, is it still there? 🙂 My friend and I are seriously contemplating it. Im getting married in Dec, and I am curious to know how its like, esp compared to fake eyelashes. Thanks for the feedback yah. 🙂

  3. Jo said

    Came upon an article which I find useful if I have kids… hope it will help u too.

    Ways to Nurture a Child’s Inner Value:

    Have time without TV, video games, or computer. (As a defense mechanism to the overstimulation of modern life and technology, sensitive children may cope by deadening their senses and denying their feelings.)

    Be sure your child has unstructured alone time…to relax, play freely, and dream.

    Teach and have your child practice relaxation skills such as progressive relaxation, focusing on the breath and visualization.

    Participate in and appreciate the arts; listen to beautiful music, dance, sing, draw, or paint.

    Practice slow sustained stretches and movement such as yoga or tai chi.

    Spend time in nature and teach your child to have reverence for living things.

    Encourage your child to tell you how he feels.

    Involve your child in helping others.

    Express gratitude and encourage your child to think of what he or she is grateful for.

    Avoid bragging about and labeling your child. Don’t become overly attached to your child’s accomplishments.

    Give sincere praise, but avoid overpraising. (Constant, excessive praise can discourage a child from finding the value in what he does from inside himself, independent of external rewards.)

  4. Thanks Jo, great tips! Sharon, Jo here was the one who got me into the whole eyelash thing. Lasted only three weeks for me but that’s because I had to move to an entirely different country hehe. Jo, how long did yours last?

  5. Jo said

    hahah!!! at least yours lasted for 3 weeks… mine only lasted 2 weeks… but twas good while it lasted… felt prettier and loved the attention hahaha

  6. sharon said

    ok, thanks alot ladies. i called the salon up yesterday, and they said they now charge 168. But if only lasts 2-3 weeks, I dont think i shd. Am now contemplating eyelash perming. Hehe. geez, the things women do for beauty! 😛

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