Lost my little camera

Bad news: the wonderful little salmon Casio Exlim my sis bought from Japan and gave me for Christmas of 2004, about the time Skyler was born and which I’ve been using to make all those lovely little movies I’ve been posting up, is gone.

Been trying to look for it for days but since the movers came and amid the chaos, it’s just gone missing.

I’m devastated. Not only was it a great little gadget, and we really got a lot of use out of it, but it’s of utmost sentimental value since my sis bought two of it so we have like identical cameras.

Sigh, sometimes my absent-mindedness just bugs the hell out of me. Why can’t I be more careful when it comes to these things? For the first time in my always-misplacing-things life, I actually regret it and feel so, so sad. I’m not sure why but I think also, it has something to do with some vids and pics Lokes and I took that are still in the camera. I had a video of Skyler getting into a box in that which was really priceless. Now that, and other memories, are gone.


If anyone DID flick it, I hope you rot in hell.


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  1. Eric said

    Well, Jennifer

    Maybe you will feel “much” better after you hear this – I am one of the most forgetful in the world.

    And….Your Pui Jei is one of the naggiest…….just imagine that…
    I had lost her coleman icebox cause I was rushing home after fishing…..and until today……every now & then she will complain again.

    The worst thing is I still forget to turn off light, fan, TV …..and she will nag for sure once she found out…

    At least, Loke will not nag you, he will say ” forget about that camera lah..we buy a new one”

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