Sexy Eric

I’m watching Bones and am thinking Eric Millegan reminds me of a latter-day Scott Baio slash Elijah Wood.


That kinda tells you how ancient I am.

Still, SO cute. Can you believe he’s in his 30s? Un.Fair.



  1. Jo said

    hey.. initially i was thinking what is jen going nuts bout teenagers… and then u mentioned he is in his 30s…. u must be joking… old pic isit? he looks nothing above 30lar…

  2. U watch Boneslah and see hehe. Damn cute.

  3. Jo said

    hey…. i have another article that instil the reading behavior in kids… enjoy…Till today i still read a lot cos fr young my dad has boooks all over the place and he reads a lot himself.

    Here are five tips to help your child fall in love with reading.

    1. Pay attention to your child’s interests. If your child is fascinated by dinosaurs, buy him science books describing different dinosaur types. A child is more inclined to read if he is interested in a book’s subject matter.

    2. Show your child that reading is fun. Play games with your child after she finishes reading and ask her to retell stories. Children can learn about structure and how stories are written by verbalizing a story themselves.

    3. Use bedtime bribes. Allow children to stay up for an extra 15 minutes if they promise to spend that time reading. Once a child starts reading, he discovers his interests. Soon he will no longer need an extra incentive to read.

    4. Practice what you preach. Be a role model for your child by reading regularly and encourage all family members to read. Young children mimic the behavior of their older family members. Children will be more inclined to pick up a book if they see their brothers and sisters reading.

    “Being a role model for reading is a good suggestion for parents of children of all ages,” Bavaria says. “When our children see us reading for enjoyment, reading to gather information, or reading to perform a task, they see the relevance reading has in all parts of our lives.”

    5. Set a family reading time. Not only will this set a good example for your child, but it will help enhance reading skills. Family reading time ensures that you will be around to help if she is having difficulties with vocabulary or sentence structure.

  4. aly said

    uhm.. don’t kill me.. but he kinda looks like a guy version of Scarlett Johanson 😛

  5. Wena said

    other than my sister, you’re the only other person i know that remembers Scott Baio. He was dishy then but put on so much weight since. 😦

  6. a&a'smom said

    hehehe, I remember Scot Baio in Happy Days

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