Spring is in the air (somewhat)

What a week!

We finally unpacked the last box yesterday. The last box we wanna open, that is. There are still 30 unopened boxes in the garage full of stuff but we figured we could keep those sealed until we moved into OUR house. When that will be is a mystery.

So for the time being, our rental home is full of our things – and then some. It’s comforting yet stressful at the same time, to suddenly have our familiar clutter, but Lokes, the darling boy, took me to The Container Store, which if you know me is like Disneyland to me. Just lovely.  

That’s not as amazing as the fact that I found time to attend the preschool auction fund raiser last Saturday. Yup, got all dressed up, went for my first auction ever. Was fun, especially the silent auction where you walk around writing your bid number next to the bid you want to make on items you are interested in. Kinda dangerous too because it’s like shopping, only quieter and with a bit of alcohol and food. Was tempted to put my number on so many items! The item I donated (a Leapfrog baby pad) got picked up by this Vietnamese or Philippina lady.

The live auction (where all the real expensive, meaningful stuff are sold) was also very interesting. Some of the stuff went off at a bargain, but most just got sold because people were really generous, buying holidays and stereo systems and handcrafted goodies for hundreds of dollars. The spouse of another parent teacher, Rachel, bidded for like 600 bucks worth of items. Rachel didn’t look too happy but it was funny ‘coz her husband was so enthuasiastic about the auction, which is good ‘coz it’s supportive of the preschool, but she ended up with TONS of stuff which she may not know what to do with!

As for the Tan household, I finally settled on a cute pink gardening set for Rae ($40 bucks) since spring is here and I thought we could do a little planting. Haven’t given it to her yet – maybe when she’s earned enough stars. By the way, star charts work REALLY well to get your terrible three-year old to do stuff. We’ve been using it for three weeks and it’s done wonders. For every ten stars, Rae gets a little toy or present or a treat and right now, she’s working towards a toy violin she really wants which ‘costs’ 20 stars. She gets stars for doing ‘good deeds’ like finishing her food, finishing her water (she doesn’t like water), etc. Thanks Andrea, for the tip!

Tomorrow’s going to be a challenge. Rae has her VCUG and I’ve been talking to her all week about it, preparing her mentally for the procedure, and preparing myself really, because Rae is a very sensitive girl and she’s not going to cooperate easily and I’m just wondering if it’s all necessary even but too late now. Promised her three stars and that seems to be working for now. She did ask why they needed to put a tube into her ‘pochay’ (a term her Mah Mah taught her – it’s now stuck) and she did look concerned. I’m bringing her favourite toys and book along, just in case.

And oh, spring is here :). It’s bright at 6am, which isn’t great for sleeping kids. And mommy. Or daddy.

But we survived our first winter.



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