Now THIS is really American

I don’t know exactly WHAT I got myself into but come April 28th, I will be helping to organise Rae’s preschool camping trip, called Camp Gilead.

Now I used to luuuuurve camping trips (remember those Jo?!) and was in the Girl Guides and went for a whole bunch of ’em when I was a kid, so yea, I’m REALLY excited about Rae going for her first camp out.

Of course, as MOST modern day camping trips go, we won’t actually be sleeping in tents but bunk beds in dorms (parent and child together).

As a foreigner and being totally new at organising a camping trip for preschoolers, I was assigned the very simple task of printing the treasure hunt leaflets. I will also be helping out with registration.

While it’s been 19 years since my last camping trip, I am truly excited at rekindling an activity that’s given me some of my most precious memories.

Can’t wait!



  1. Jo said

    If i could go back in time, it’s to those carefree days when we we went camping with Ah Ming, Ju Ju …. do u remember the teacher’s name?? Remember the smelly Danish guy???

    It’s at one of the trips that i found my passion in underwater lift and love for diving. Great that she’s starting out so young.. compared to the kids that are pampered here, it’s a great way for her to know, love and appreciate nature and outdoor activites… I’m excited for you too!!!

  2. Of course I remember! How can I froget, esp when u still have the ‘evidence’ aka The Photos LOL

    Sigh…good times

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