Rae’s VCUG update

Finally, it’s over. Can sleep easy now. Not good news all the way though.

We took Rae for her VCUG today. Packed her two favourite furry friends, and her favourite book “Goodnight Moon” and took the trip to the Seattle Children’ Hospital.

The irony was, Raeven was pretty good when they inserted the catheter into her urethra. What freaked her out was the big Xray thingie circling around on top of her and going close to her kidneys, and also when we asked her to pee on the bed. I mean, after a year of potty-training her, to intentionally weewee on the xray bed is kinda unnerving for a three-year old.

The bad news first: Turns out Rae DOES have reflux between her bladder and kidneys (urine goes up and down instead of just down), so if she gets a fever, we have to straightaway take her in to see her paed because it MIGHT be a kidney infection, to play it safe (coz a fever is positive indication of a kidney infection). More bad news is that because of this reflux, she has to take antibiotics for a long time.

Good news is that it goes away with time (nobody knows why it happens – it’s just the way Rae is built). Apparently this is common and even happened to the daughter of the doctor we had at the VCUG. He said his girl had an infection at nine weeks and had to be on antibiotics until she was four. Just before they wanted to consider surgery, her condition just went away.

Let’s hope Rae shares such a miracle (although four years is just keRAYzee!).

Thing is, we wondered what would’ve happened if we never came to the States and discovered her fused labia and reflux. Would she have suffered continuous kidney infection that would’ve led to permanent and irreversible kidney damage?

The thought is scary. Rae was such a healthy little girl when she was growing up. Not that she’s sickly now but to have to depend on antibiotics for an unforeseeable period of time is just…scary.

Well, thank God THIS is over anyway. Will have to check with her doctor in a few days to see what kind of antibiotics she will have to take on a long term basis (she’s still on Amoxicillin now, to just properly clear out the Ecoli and not have it recur).



  1. Ok, wow. That is insane and sad. I’m so sorry you guys have to go through that! I will pray that she will have the same results as the doctor’s daughter.

  2. Kelantan Gal said

    Hey… with Rae in the good hands of her supermum and dad, she’ll be fine, even if she has to take antibiotics for a long time. Kids are resilient. They will get use to the routine of taking medication.

    You’re doing great!

  3. Jenn said

    Karli: It’s more scary than sad for us, the thought that she might’ve had this and not know if we’d stayed in Malaysia. I really don’t know what wld’ve happened.

    KG: thanks girl! Rae is REALLY cooperative with her meds, thank God. JUst that I myself am not a medicated person, have never been and Lokes is the same way. I don’t even take Panadol until my headache is very bad, so to see my daughter having to be immuno-suppressed for an indef time is heartbreaking and worrying lor. Just hope it will go away soon…

  4. a&a'smom said

    Really sorry to hear that. I’m sure she will recover sooner or later with the antibiotics. Both my boys had UTI. My older had to be circumcised at 7 months due to recuring infection. He is 9 yrs now & so far he has been healthy ever since. My 2nd boy was diagnosed with the same thing at 2 days old. He had one dose of antibiotics & recovered. I think my breastmilk had cured him of it (breastfed him exclusively for 2.5 yrs). SDo hang in there!

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