Miss my friends


The one thing I really miss about home is having my girl friends around. We used to go out at least once or twice a month, bitch about work and marriage/relationships/our hubbies. Now I talk to some of them online but it’s just not the same, is it?

Miss you ladies very much. Please sell your husbands and come visit!




  1. Jo said

    Hey Jenn!!! We miss u too a lot here!! It’s just not the same without u..

    After you left, I did manage to meet up with Yu Fen and Yuet Khuan at the flea market. Went for a mime show named Gamajobat with Janice last Thursday and a Greg Lyons concert at KLPac with Sandy last Friday.

    The Japanese mine show was especially hilarious. I managed to get great tics, first row, tight smack in the middle. Laugh so loud !!! U will definitely love it!!

    KLPac is also a really nice place. It’s at Sentul West (developed by YTL). Was just 2 of us, but we enjoyed the Jap dinner and the music afterwards. These musicians just oozes so much passion for their music..u just can’t help but get infected..

    Also challenged myself by agreeing to go mountain biking with Stef the next day with her gang of frens at the FRIM. Was really adamant at first, knowing these people are triathlon material… but was worth taking the risk. There were 18 bikers, and I was the most unfit and with the worst bike… my bike cost RM600 and the others cost RM 3000 plus. Met Step’s new bf…. nice guy, actually offered to switch bikes with me when i was struggling uphill… really fun, felt really challenged physically.

    Nyway, i think i will also feel loss when i get to SAn Fran as I am those type that can’t live without frens. Oh well, just have to make more effort in getting to know new people… You’re doing find, knowing all those moms in ur school rite…

  2. Well it’s easier if ure singlelah woman. With kids, and limited time, plus less mobility because u cant actually go out at night, it’s hard! San Fran is def going to be great for friends for u and EY!

    So how’s Stef’s new beau hehe. Goss a bit!

  3. Jo said

    Hey Jenn

    Her new bf now as good looking as the previous one but quite a nice guy.. very fit and into outdoor sports. Think Stef would be better off with this guy, no religion problem, sisters problem, long distance prob….

    He’s an engineer with MAS, so should be quite stable oredi too…

  4. Ahh hehehe

    Eh ure only coming in July issit?

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