Oh noes! Long nose!

I’m someone who loves the classic children’s tales, so I tend to buy like The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and the like for my kids.

Sometimes, the stories get kinda warped when they get ‘remade’ or adapted for different formats of children’s books based on their ages, like how they concise or illustrate the bible, for instance.

Sometimes, they don’t get updated at all – even when it bodes the story well to do so.

The story of Pinocchio is a good example. My 3.5 year old girl’s Pinocchio pop-art book is her favourite. Rae loves to have me read to her during bedtime and naptime. Today, apart from just reading it, I thought we should discuss the ‘moral’ of the story. I told her that the story of Pinocchio taught us that…

1. Going to school is important; and
2. Telling the truth is important

Here’s how our little book discussion went:

Rae: Why mommy? (as to the moral of telling the truth)
Me: Well, for Pinocchio, it’s so his nose won’t grow long
Rae: (chuckling) But I want, Mommy.
Me: You want your nose to grow long?
Rae: Yes!


I don’t think the lesson of what happens when you lie in Pinocchio is gonna work anymore on today’s kids. I mean, c’mon. How is a long nose scary?

Even Skyler, at 16 mths old, ain’t gonna be fazed by that.

Someone should update Pinocchio a little. You know. Tell a lie and his nose, which has an RFID chip inside, radios Gepetto right away and he gets another week’s allowance deducted automatically from his hand phone account, for instance.

It’s been 120 years after all.


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