Got the sniffles

So Lokes' flu bug finally bit me. Been sleeping all day trying to fight it.

Anyway, managed to go house-hunting in the morning. We want to buy a home by the end of the year to make full use of our relocation benefits, so this was the house one agent recommended and we almost immediately fell in love with:


It sits in a circular community called Jacobs Meadows (don't they have the best names?) which overlooks a lake. Our unit has its back to the main road, which poses the only problem with this property: noise.

Otherwise, it was perfect. Kitchen was huge. Garage could fit two cars. The master bath had a HUGE tub. Small yard for kids and gardening (operative word being 'small' so little upkeep). Price? A little over our budget but we're going to the bank Monday morning to see how we can squeeze a few more Gs in.

Lokes isn't keen on it because of the noise. I didn't even hear it LOL. I was totally absorbed in checking out the vaulted ceilings and large pantry/closet spaces.

Ah well. See howlah.

My face is just clogged with phlegm. Lokes calls me "phlegm face".

Disgusting, and yet funny…



  1. Kelantan Gal said

    Sorry to hear that you’re down with the flu. Hope you get well soon.

    The noise… it can get annoying. I live on a main street and on busy days it drives me nuts. I can even hear music from a nearby restaurant with all my windows closed.

    The other thing is safety. What if Rae or Sky runs out to the street? Not that you would leave them unsupervised, but you know these lil tots…

    Otherwise.. the house is a WOW!

    Good luck house-hunting.

  2. Lia said

    ooooo I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the look of the house and ur description… hw noisy is noisy?

  3. ok, i see that you call it “OUR” unit. hHmmmmmm
    already made the decision eh??
    LOVELY house.

  4. Lia: like I said, I cldnt even hear thenosie LOL but Lokes insists it was noisy lol

    Fashionasia: Yea lol i love it maaa. But dunnolah depends also on mr Breadwinner hehe

  5. Vien said

    Try visiting that area during the night. Sometimes the noise may not be obvious during the day. Jon and I hse-hunted over 2 years before we got our plc. Hope you get your dream house soon!

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