If you could forget your past, would you want to?

Just been reading up on Unknown White Male (link: http://www.unknownwhitemale.co.uk – something's wrong with WordPress, can't embed links), a documentary on the story of Doug Bruce, a Brit who found himself on the subway in New York without a clue as to who he is or where he was going. The show documents his journey to rekindle the life he had and how he is experiencing the world all over again, from eating different types of food to the many human experiences such as finding love and friendship.

The interesting thing is, experts do not know if he's faking it or is he the Real McCoy? And if he can be cured, would he WANT to be cured?

If you could forget your past, would you want to? It would be interesting, wouldn't it, to sort of have a second chance to, say, fall in love again with your husband or wife? Your kids?


Okay, so I have to go to New York and get on the tube…


Addendum: Let's start a meme.

If there were four things/people you could forget in your life, what would they be?

  • Leroy Chan, my 'boyfriend' from Form Two. He destroyed my respect of good-looking guys forever. I still don't have a good opinion of them. I mean, look what happend to Jennifer Aniston! Long live the specky geeks!
  • Richard Wong, my ex. Someone should lock him up. I'd also like to forget my five long years with him. I don't know WHAT I was thinking.
  • The torturous years before I got married when my mother would nag me to stay in shape! (yea, after you're hitched and out of the house, how you look is your business).
  • The rough times our family went through when my dad's business partner bailed on the business.

Four things I want to re-experience

  • Falling in love with my husband
  • First time I saw and touched snow
  • First time I learnt to skate
  • First time I gave birth (minus the pain!)


  1. Cindy said

    Hey Jenn,
    I didn’t know you’re in the US already!!! How’s life? What’s your email address? So much to catch up .. over the net! Please Please Please write to me. Rae and Skyler are gorgeous. Please send my best regards to Lokes.

  2. Hey you! We’re getting bylah hehe. I’m still going through all degrees of culture shock. My email is jenn@jennemede.com. Write pls and tell me how your opera career is going!

  3. Daniele said

    If I could forget my past would I want to? About the first 13 years of my past I would love to forget. I was controlled for so long by a very violent, abusive step-father. I would love to wake up tomorrow and forget the hurt and the pain. I wish I could just be the total outdoor person that I long to be. Until I met my husband, I didn’t even open the curtains in my house. I go through this phase of depression then it seems to hide for a while, and yet it pops back up, I can’t seem to completely shake it. I have no motivation to anything except the things that I have to do, and I don’t even enjoy that. I would rather just sleep all day, basically sleep the day a way. Any suggestions as to how to handle the past that I can’t seem to forget?


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