God, I’m so invisible

I'm such a social idiot, I swear one day I'm just going to pack up and live in the mountains.

Went to the playground again today, the one just outside my house. Since Spring has managed to spread across our yards in generous dollops of green and gold (sun was still strong at 5pm!), children and their significant elders came to slowly rediscover the possibilities of the steel and wooden play structure.

So while Rae gleefully attacked the slides, I sat down for some well-deserved time in the sun while leaving Sky to miraculously tie her own shoelaces. Of course, what I was really doing was eyeing the four mommies seated at the far end of the playground, chatting happily while their kids played together.

I've never been very courageous when it came to walking up to total strangers and turning them into friends. I struggled with it when I started out as a journo, and now it's even worse since I can't use THAT excuse anymore to start a conversation.

I mean, how weird is it, walking up to total strangers at a playground and trying to ease in on the conversation? TOTALLY!

So I ended up just sitting by my lonesome on my little bench with my little girl, pretending I don't care, when all I can think about is, GOD I NEED TO START MAKING SOME FRIENDS SOON OR ELSE CAN DIE!

The other problem also is that we live in a rental home community. In the US, particularly in places like Seattle, companies like ING build lease-only homes so you know your neighbour's likely to move out in like a year, so there's no point really in getting to know them. As such, people here don't really mix around, despite the valiant efforts by the condo management to get some social mixes going.

Oh well. Guess we better find that perfect house quick!



  1. There’s a house for sale down the street from ME!! Probably smaller than what you want, but it’s cute!

  2. OMG Karli where do u live?!

  3. Wena said

    try this although still beta. http://zillow.com

    not sure whether can get in but it’s in interesting concept. satellite pictures with the cost of real estate next to it.

  4. sharon said

    oh well, i have the same problem here too, not having the talent to talk or mingle with strangers. if u need a friend in seattle, can buzz me on msn or anything to bitch about stuff as i am rotting at home too

  5. Jo said

    hey jenn

    well, think it happens all the time, esp at new places. For me, i feel it’s actually to get of the comfort zone sometimes, and try to make a connection with new people at least on a daily basis.

    For me, it’s thru joining a new gym, going biking with new frens, going to the temple etc… Most of the time, the person next to you is as scared shitless bout starting a conversation as much as yourself…. and 90% people will respond once you start the first word.. If they dun, oh well, they are not worth knowing anyway…

    Next time you’re at the playground, probably you could try with that thought in mind….

    On the side, found an interesting article on 100 smartest diet tips ever… very practical and i will start using them as well. Enjoy.


    Take care!

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