Talking nonsense is the new black

We, human beings of the 21st century, are finding it harder and harder to restrain ourselves. 

And what with things like blogs where all and sundry can read about what we do or think, the temptation of having one's voice resonate across the universe is just too darn difficult to resist.

Last weekend, the indefatigable Scoble got lynched by the Let Blogging be Free! mob for suggesting that all bloggers who link to non-credible media like The Register be derided

I cannot help but notice: 

  1. Australia’s Smarthouse, which is said to be untrustworthy, publishes a story about 60% Windows Vista’s code having to be rewritten, and people jump on the hate wagon ever so readily
  2. Microsoft’s famous corp blogger bitches about people who link to these sites and he ALSO gets mobbed

It’s like watching gazelle sweeping one way and then another. 

Or coyotes, rather. 

No doubt, Scoble might’ve over-reacted but the question he seems to ask is valid: Whatever happened to finding out the truth, and people's better sense of judgment when deciding to give (or not give) their support to a certain issue, even if it's just a link? It's not just that everyone's always so ready to deride Microsoft or Apple or Google simply because they're mega-gajillionaires. It's also because when they see something 'scoopalicious' and just jump on it because of the traffic it will bring to their blogs.

Never mind editorial truthfulness. What happened to plain INTEGRITY?

It’s as though everyone’s so intent on their right to free speech that they’ve forgotten that sometimes, it’s better to just keep quiet.

No, cannot. Must. Blog. Must. Grab. Traffic!!

Is NOT blogging about something you think might be iffy censorship? I call it good old-fashioned self-restraint, which is the mark of any mature, sensible person.

The Chinese have a saying: If you don't say anything, nobody will say you're mute. So the real challenge isn't in blogging intelligently.

It's in keeping mum.

Shutting up now!

Ps. For something truly ridiculous, read this.


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  1. Edrei said

    This is why by evolutionary standards, the hole that is our mouths are bigger than two of our earholes combined. You can’t dispute that…it’s a scientific fact. 😛

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