My anxiety has a name

“Women still may feel more responsible, even though men pitch in more than they did in the past." 

“…women have a hard time separating their free time from time spent with their children without feeling guilty.” 

“…women have more difficulty relaxing than men because of that mothering/nurture instinct that many, but not all, women possess…” 

“Such an instinct tends to drive women to take on and do more than I think an ordinary man would, because there is a sense that if they don't do it, it won't get done…” 

“…some women might feel rushed because they take on too much responsibility. They have trouble saying "no" because they think they might let someone down or because they don't want to give up control.” 

I can totally imagine Lokes going “UHUH!” and nodding his head so fast it might just finally drop. 

Read the full article here

Question: If we were not as ‘ken cheong’ and were AS blasé as our husbands, would they still have married us? 

Opposites attract, no? 


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