Bugs and bees over fondue

No, this isn't a new recipe, so rest easy.

Three of Rae's preschool moms and I went for our monthly Moms' Night Out yesterday night and it was just a blast. We went to a place called The Melting Pot which serves – you guessed it – fondue. It was my first time eating melted cheese and chocolate despite having seen the partaking of this sinful gourmet experience on TV many times and lets just say it's not going to be on any of those low-carb diets anytime soon!

Karli, the organiser, Caroline and Tracey are just lovely, lovely girls to hang with and I'm so glad I got the chance to know them better. What better way to know a place than by hanging out with the natives, right?

Of course, the conversation started with first our kids, and then the preschool, and since we were looking to buy, these fabulous girls also recommended some good places to live. And then, as with any good evening (and a little alcohol!), our conversation veered to the bizarre, when we started discussing the creepy-crawlies of this here rainy city, which is apparently, a smorgasbord of all kinds of many-legged 'friends'. And if that wasn't scary enough, we started to talk about The Blair Witch Project and other horror movies.

And then it hit me: Even here, when women get together for more than a couple of hours, we almost always end up talking about ghosts or horror movies or someone's friend's friend went somewhere and saw something?

Good to know women this side of the world are NOT that different after all!

Anyway, it was good to get out and the evening was a resounding success as far as my experience was concerned. Just four girls, fondue and fine conversation. Thanks Karli!!

BTW, fondue is da bomb. A melted pot of a variety of different cheeses with jalapeno and salsa, used as dip for bread, chips, apple. And then melted dark choc and marshmallows and pecans with fruit, and MORE marshmallows. I am SO going back there.

But no, I am not trying celery sticks with peanut butter!!



  1. Loke Uei said

    don’t forget to bring your “better half” ya? đŸ™‚

  2. This post made me hungry.

  3. Shamira said

    hey Jenn,

    So glad you are settling in and having fun already! Wishing you a lot more fun filled days.

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