Not mature enough to be anonymous

People will be people.

Give them a way to be nasty without being punished, and you have chaos in your hands.

But I must admit, I'm a little confused at the issue. While I do not like giving everyone equal power to be faceless (some people ARE nastier than others) on the Net, I do think it is necessary for freewill-based interaction to continue. People are nastier, but they can be more honest when they know they won't be found out for their opinions, no matter how ridiculous or unreasonable they might be.

Apparently, honesty isn't exactly the kindest policy.

Of course, opinions aren't the only thing people can give online. Because of this anonymity business, you have more than just nasty people out there plying their trade. Try dangerous. Paedophiles talking to little kids. Scams. How-to instructions for making bombs or poisons. Other 'versions' of the truth.

Fact is, the Internet isn't a safe place. It has never been anyway.

What are we going to do about it?

What CAN we do about it?


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