Oh My God!

CSI: Miami is the world's No.1 American show?!

I don't say 'hate' very often, but I really do physically hate David Caruso. He is the embodiment of all that is pretentious and ridiculous in a vain male Hollywood actor.

In every single episode of CSI:M, he talks to people from his 'good side' (sideways), holding the tips of his sunnies trying so hard to look cool when all he is, is schmaltzy.

Just look at this.


The verdict is in: The world's TV audience has collectively gone to the dogs.



  1. Vien said

    WHAT?! I’ll be damned! I guess I need to watch more TV series (note: NOT CSI:Miami) to tip the scale. Then again, that will have to wait till the kid learns to soothe herself to sleep.

  2. H said

    I love him though! He’s super cool!!

  3. OMG pls tell me ure kidding.

  4. minishorts said

    actually, jen, that’s the reason my favourite CSI is M, because of david caruso’s idiotic side-ways slant ‘look at me look at me’ look. and everytime he leaves the scene it’s so fucking hilarious!

  5. Asther said

    Hahaha… remember our dear Peter impersonating him? You had a great laugh & gave him a laud smack as well!

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