As it turns out…

…Jesus might've walked on ice instead of water.

And the parting of the Red Sea was actually the result of strong winds instead of having been separated by the very hand of God Himself as commanded by Moses.

As a Christian, I have NO doubt that these scientific explanations can be true. Does it make me less of a Christian? Not at all.

I believe these miracles happened. If strong winds were to part the Red Sea today, and ocean water froze hard enough to be walked on, we would still call them miracles.

Well, some would call it global warming.

A rose, by any other name.

Finding a scientific explanation for a biblical miracle doesn't take away the miraculousness of the event. In fact, you might even find God if you drill down to the molecular level of every living being and every miraculous – and everyday – occurence.

And that is faith.



  1. Adrian said

    Strange that they would reveal this fact a few day before we (Christians) celebrate Good Friday & Easter Sunday. But it doesn’t deter the fact of the miracles of the Lord’s work.

    If you think about it, Jerusalem is a middle eastern kingdom with harsh extreme temprates. While it MAYBE cold enough during winter to freeze water, I don’t think folks back then were daft enough to realise when a lake was frozen over.

    So the prof. theorised that it was A PIECE of ice which enabled Christ to appear he walked on water. To me that’s an even greater miracle, such is the divine planning of the Lord that he allowed climaticle changes to take places so that enough water was frozen to allow Jesus to “walk” on that piece of ice in sandals (I don’t think ice foot wear were easily available back then) upon a body mostly UN-frozen water in a lake.

  2. Charlene said

    Lol. Very well said Adrian.

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