Men more ‘strict’ about what’s cheating

Happened to click on the little video thingy at the bottom of my MSN Messenger and an excerpt of the Today show on the above topic came on.

The survey was done on about 3,000 readers of Women's Health and Men's Health magazines. Turns out that men were more rigid in their definitions, where more men than women said flirting at the office Christmas party WAS cheating. Similarly, more men than women said that if a coworker of the opposite sex gave you a massage, it WAS cheating. And if you talk to your ex on a regular basis, it WAS cheating to, again, more men than women.

This is certainly news to me, 'coz there is hardly a jealous bone in my man!

Three pieces of good advice from the guest on the show, author Sari Locker:

1. Control yourself: If it's something you won't do when your spouse is IN the room, then don't do it even when (s)he isn't in the room.

2. If you're not getting the sex, love, friendship from within your relationship and need to seek it from outside, something's wrong.

3. Talk about cheating: Let your spouse know what you think is cheating so he/she understands it, no matter how ridiculous it is.

Sounds sensible to me!



  1. Alex said

    Nice article, added to favourites

  2. nursemichaela said

    My comment is the following.
    I have felt cheated all my life while my husband impressed other people. It got so bad that two years ago while at a picnic, he openly flirted in front of me and the woman’s husband with this very attractive brunette with blue eyes. I have refused to go back to such picnics. My husband has treated me with disrespect for years always trying to ‘control’ things. It was a big issue to call if he was going to be late while working on some emergency on the base, it was a big deal to keep up with the house repairs, it was a big deal for me to pay someone to put heat in our house as we lived all winter at 50 degrees.. I am so sick of hearing about men and their b.s it ‘s pathetic. I’m either thinking of end it or ending it all. I have had enough. so guys, if you feel the need to dedicate yourselfs to looking at blondes, boobs, shoulders, asses, etc, feel free. Do us a favor though. dont marry us. Dont waste our time while we do the wash, clean your smelly bathroom, deal with your body odor, go to school, work two jobs etc. Do us a favor and find a bar of soap will you?

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