One week to The Crunch

So I’ve been slowly preparing myself for The Crunch, as in my in-laws are flying home a week from now. Have all our babysitters’ numbers ready. In-laws have been leaving for the day to explore Seattle on their own. Lokes and I have synched our schedules. Have been talking to Raeven about her grandparents going home to “Koala Lampur”. All’s left is to test out some of the babysitters (some are teenagers, so a little unsure) and we’re done.

I do feel a little sad about their impending departure. First and foremost of course, is the delish food prepared by my MIL. Next comes the freedom they afforded us to do little errands and basically just go out without dragging the two girls along all the time. I could attend all the preschool meets and gatherings freely because they were home, so now just getting out will be a challenge.

But part of me is excited because this sort of challenge, if managed properly, will bring the family closer than ever.

I can see that both my MIL and FIL are beginning to miss the kids already. They’ve been talking to them more, giving them a lot of hugs and kisses. Leaving them is hard, but I suspect much of the pain has to do with Rae, which they’ve been caregivers to since her birth. She’s almost four now, so that’s almost four years of being together. That is not an easy chapter to close, especially when kids forget so easily but adults don’t. I know my MIL is the one having difficulty with this. She told me that her mother told her that being a grandparent is not fair, because they do all the work in the beginning, and it’s all forgotten because kids don’t remember at this age. I sensed quite some bitterness on her part when it came to this. And my MIL is just not someone who likes people to forget.

Anyway, we’ve been telling them about webcams and how they can still see the kids every week but you knowlah. It’s definitely not the same.

Welp. We will just have to do it the band-aid way when the time comes. Quick and painful.

That’s all there is to it.


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