Everytime you eat a McDonald’s nugget…

…you might be destroying the Amazon jungle, says this article (via my Digg feed).

And check this para out:

To call attention to the report's finding, Greenpeace plastered many McDonald's restaurants in the United Kingdom with posters of Ronald McDonald wielding a chain saw. The group also had dozens of people in chicken costumes invade McDonald's restaurants, chaining themselves to the chairs, Edwards said.

A lot to think about the next time I visit a Mcdonalds…

But what this one Digg commenter said is so true. If corporations made it more profitable for these farmers to plant trees, they WILL do just that!


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  1. Way back in first year english I wrote an essay on how Mr. Christy’s cookies were contributing to the deforestation of the amazon jungle…by clearing the way for cash crops of coca plants! The only A+ I ever got in English Class…

    Who knew I was 10 years ahead of Greenpeace???

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