The freedom has gone to our heads!

As an addendum to my post about good/bad things in my life here in the US, I totally forgot one of the bestest things that happened to us:

Lokes and I have NO MORE DANDRUFF! Not even a flake!

Okay, I HAD to put that in caps and bold even if it's a little gross, but!

We've been PLAGUED with dandruff since forever and back home, NOTHING worked. We even went to a dermatologist and she prescribed some shampoo and medicinal rub – nope, never worked. Then lo behold, we moved here and used regular OTC shampoos – Lokes uses Neutrogena T-gel, I use Nizoral and in like one month, of washing every two-three days, our dandruff was gone! We've been flake-free for two months now and it's just…like the Nizoral tagline goes, "The freedom will go to your head!". No more itchy scalps. No more oily residue. No more constantly checking our shoulders for embarassing white stuff. Is it the dry weather? The less stress? Whatever it is, it's great.

We love it!


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  1. Loke Uei said

    No more satisfying peeling sessions. 🙂

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