Nothing like cake

So I'm really down and out after a weekend of frolicky family fun.

My head aches. My nose is nnduck. I actually had to put on a sweater and gym pants to sleep last night because I got the shivers, and I don't own a pair of decent 'jammies and never had.

But yes, I own gym pants.

Anyway, I was still together enough to make angel cake (we Malaysians call it chiffon cake) this morning, but only because I couldn't wait to use all my new baking utensils. I've never baked in my entire life but since we have an oven here, and you know, some cake is always useful to cheer up an otherwise miserable Monday, so I did it. Right now, it's cookin' in there and the smell of vanilla is wafting through the house. Mmmm…I feel better already.

Comfort food. Nothing wrong with it.

Watch out for the recipe in my n00b cook's blog.


  1. simmie said

    Actually, angel cake is different compared to chiffon cake (taste and texture). Angel cake is a little on the sour side and consists mostly of egg whites. Chiffon cake is eggier like a spongecake.
    Best way to eat angel cake is with cool whip and strawberries!!! Hope you feel better 🙂

  2. Yea! We had angel cake at a Mommies’ meeting and they ate it like that. Loved it!

    Ahhh okok just thought the mould looks the same hehe.

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