Good mornings

Have you ever woken up at six or seven in the morning, crawled to the coffee machine (or in Malaysia, the kettle) to put it on, and look out your window to see your neighbour across the road up already in the kitchen, into her mug of joe AND reading the papers?

Or her husband already in his sweats, warming up against the SUV for his morning run?

I have, and I used to think, "Sheesh. Do these people even sleep?", before scowling at the coffee to hurry the heck up already.

I've always appreciated my mornings – although my appreciation never took any physical effort other than just rolling around in bed, until we had kids. As any parent can tell you, after that, you just accept the fact that you're never going to sleep late ever again. And proceed to take on the routine of those aunties you see who wake up just before the crack of dawn to get at the good chops in the meat market or the freshest produce at the docks or something.

Of course I exaggerate. I don't even know where the meat market is, much less the docks.

The point – and it's a good one – is that you learn to love your mornings. At the designated hour, your body warms up and your internal clock silently sounds, rousing you from restful slumber. You open your eyes, blink and turn over towards your snoring husband to give him a jealous (yet loving) look. You reluctantly sit up and yawn to feed your oxygen-deprived brain, while glancing at your baby in the crib just next to you. You can't help but smile at the cute but slightly freaky similarities between the two sleeping people in your room.

You tiptoe out and down the stairs into the kitchen to put on said pot of coffee. While waiting for the quiet hissing and sputtering to stop, you open the windows to let the cold, crisp morning air in. Spring ushers in smells of growth and renewal, filling your waking senses with wishful aspirations.

But you know what? Even with all this, nothing beats the first sip of steaming hot good coffee to complete that cosy morning experience. You nestle the mug in your hands, let the warmth radiate close to your chest as you shuffle your way to the computer. And as you wiggle your mouse to summon the sleeping beast of a monitor, and proceed to wake the rest of your mind and body up with the day's news, you take another long sip.


It's going to be a beautiful day.



  1. robot said

    ahh you forgot…

    “.. you take another long sip. Start the browser and look at the WordPress Stats page.”

  2. Shhhh!!!

    Dont make me delete your comment!

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