All on us

So we survived our first weekend without family support.

Which was why I didn't blog for three days.

It was scary. And tiring. And a little depressing, but we did it.

Why depressing? To be honest, I really don't know. I welcome the challenge and everything, and y'all know I really wanted to do this independent thing, so why do I feel SO sad and homesick? To come from a house full of people to just me and the kids. Gotta say, the anticlimax just took my breath away over the weekend and I actually cried.

For the fact that the first time in their lives, the girls are without their grandparents.

For the fact that Lokes and I are truly severed from everyone who've ever really known us.

We are alone here. And when you have two little ones depending on you to be all brave and dependable, it is overwhelming to realise that you can NEVER let anything happen to either of you because the nearest person we can trust to care for our kids should things take a turn for the worst for either Lokes or me, is tens of thousands of miles away.

Not the flu. Nor a cold. Or a broken leg.


I hate Mondays.


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