Namas what?

So I finally broke out my Yoga Booty Ballet DVD (got bitten by the home shopping bug just ONE WEEK in the US) and spent an hour trying to 'find my center'.

Amid two kids giggling in circus-clown glee to see their mommy attempt the Downward Facing Dog, I didn't find that elusive center. But I did find long lost muscles (and may have accidentally discovered I have Carpal Tunnel).

I was also surprised to see that the producers put a big girl in the video as one of those backup exercisers. Sort of to say, "Even the fat girl's doing it, so come on!!"

Would've worked if she didn't look so miserable trying to keep up.

The yoga and booty I can take. The ballet part made me hit the Stop button.

If I COULD do ballet, I wouldn't be buying your video, you know?


  1. Jo said

    Hey Jenn…. finally getting into the Yoga thingy…. I am soooo hooked on it since I found this great yoga teacher at Celebrity. I even wake up at 6am on Wedn and Fri, drive to Wan Utama just for his classess.

    Very challenging and can feel my body becoming more and more flexible by the day. I can even do a mini head stand now. I have never sweat so much in a yoga class before this.

    Another bonus point is that the instructor is soooooo good looking and he uses his charms to the max. Some harmless flirting is sometimes good i suppose…

    Just keep to it , and in time you will definitely improve.

  2. Erna said

    You could try…Yourself Fitness. I use it since gyms make me claustrophobic and the virtual trainer isn’t stick thin.

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