Honey, we have to throw away our TV!

One of the things I enjoy most about my life here in Seattle is the parent education meetings Rae's preschool organises every month, where they get a renowned children's/parenting book author to speak for an hour about things like creativity and understanding your child etc.

Yesterday's talk was by a Nancy Blakey, and this woman who looks NOWHERE near having four 20-something uni-going kids, but she does. And not only that, she is an accomplished author.

Blakey spoke on creativity and basically how structured activities such as swim classes or dance classes might inhibit your preschooler's ability to be creative and imaginative, to which I sort of agreed because I used to hate the piano lessons my mom made me attend. And when I'd quit, I truly learned to appreciate the instrument.

Anyway, the topic came to the telly, and this is a sensitive subject in our household. I mean, Lokes is a techie and he has this untouchable belief in technology and machines, which is why we often argue about how much time Rae and Sky should be spending in front of the TV or computer. We came to an agreement that an hour each a day is the limit, but Lokes is still very defensive when I come home and tell him of yet again another research or article about the negative effects of these devices of entertainment.

My stand? Yes, our kids NEED to know about technology. Times are changing and kids who don't know about the machines of their century will undoubtedly be left in the dust.

But there is a line. And right now, that line is at the one hour mark, which I think is a good amount.

For them.

And for me.

Like what a friend of my Tracey said, "It's ADD, or mommy going off the deep end!"

Still, Blakey's got something there. Visit her site. Buy her books.

But don't throw away the TV or computer just yet.


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