Messy wobbler at work

I've always marvelled at the way Skyler, my 17-mth old, manages to mess up her play pen in a matter of minutes.

Finally, I caught her in action. Here she is, digging through box after box of toys, just throwing them over her shoulder literally.

Yes, Lokes or I will have to be the ones to clean after her.

And we should do it while she's still all cute and cuddly.



  1. Shirley said

    That’s a huge playpen. Glad you’re enjoying your baby.

    Blessings to all of you,


  2. frosty said


    She’s like my little niece now (plus another niece now from my 2nd sister). But babies are always inquisitive and they are cute.

    You should see the playpen my sis and nick got. The standard size (the usual ones u find in malaysia).


  3. Shirley: And yet it isn’t big enough!

    Frosty: How are u man?

  4. frosty said


    I’m doing fine (most of the time now looking ard at ‘a’ leng lui’s in project site). I have stopped playing my war, now focus on my pally, shammie and hunter. Current project almost complete and life is slowing down.

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