Yoga, Dora and Carpal Tunnel

Nothing much is happening today, except that Raeven tried to do yoga.


And Skyler chewed up Dora's hand (and almost swallowed had I not wonder why she was so quiet in her playpen)…


…and I am finally getting my suspected carpal tunnel right wrist looked at tomorrow. For a week now I've been waking up with a throbbing almost numbing pain on my right hand, where my palm, fingers and wrist are. I'm hoping I won't need any surgery. Thinking of steroids being injected into my wrist, if my Internet diagnosis is confirmed, is bad enough.

Staying off typing for a while. Be good peeps.

Update on bad wrist: I'm going for an acupuncture and a nerve conduction test next week to determine where it is my nerve is pinched. Been taking Tylenol PM for three nights now. Didn't work the first night, for some reason. Thanks Carrien, for the Egoscue method recommendation. It seems to have some very good reviews, so I bought a second-hand copy from Amazon and it's coming next week. Hope it works!



  1. Marauderz said

    use a pen.. tablet PC.. digitizer hooked up to system installed with Tablet PC OS

  2. Can’t even write anymore man. Damn teruk.

  3. carrien said

    Before you get surgery or any other treatment spend $15 and buy the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. Seriously after a week of doing the excercises everything in my husband’s messed, up three days a week at the chiropractor, body worked almost perfectly again, and my knees stopped their chronic aching. You really have nothing to lose, except $15 bucks but what’s that compared to surgery and chronic pain.

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