Music for my ears

I've been YEARNING for a gadget such as this for the longest time (well, ever since Bluetooth was launched) because I've refused to buy an iPod no matter how sexy it is because it wasn't a phone and I don't need another expensive gadget in my bag, God knows.

Both my husband and I agree that Windows Mobile's Media Player on any WM device with the appropriately sized storage can be just as good. I don't need a million songs in my pocket. Contrary to what I (and perhaps quite a few women in the world) would like to believe, my life is not a musical.

Plus, if you think WM devices don't LOOK as good, wait til you see HTC's latest clamshell, which is just as slim, if not slimmer, than the Razr.

How do I know? The Husband brought both home yesterday. He strutted out of his office looking all swanky and happy. Basket. 

For now, the Moto HT820 reviews well. Looks good on any head. Works superbly but only if your device is flashed with the latest ROM, if I heard my husband correctly (was too busy smouldering with jealousy). Price isn't too bad, hovering from as low as $55 (dodgy merchants) to $130 (CompUSA).

Think I've got myself a nice birthday request here :).

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