Day three, and still alive

Since Lokes has been away, Rae has taken to sleeping with me, so I can't go pee without her knowing I'm gone.

I know, I know. This co-sleeping thing has to end one day and it's going to be rough, but I've been really down and I'm taking all I can in terms of comfort. Feeling her next to me again (I used to sleep with one of her feet in my hand when she was an infant right up to when she turned two), foot in hand, just felt too good to let go.

I did pack the girls a picnic yesterday and we drove to Houghton Beach Park in Kirkland to have ourselves a nice little afternoon by the lake. Of course, nobody really ate anything (except for Skyler, she's always eating). Rae was too busy chasing ducks and picking daisies and I was too busy enjoying the on-off weather. It was nice.

Then I went home and discovered my monthly friend is here. Welp. That sorta explains it. Didn't expect it so soon, but you know these things.

Here's hoping the tide will turn, pun tastelessly intended, soon and I will again be singing at the top of my voice, whether or not my neighbours like it.

BTW, some guy just moved in next to us. I thought he was single, but he has this brick-fresco thingie for a welcome mat. Maybe he has a wife? Kids? Here's hoping.


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