My Idol take

Okay so I just got the news about Chris.

Although I'm also tired of the whole rocker thing after last season's Constantine  and the whole INXS shindig, I honestly also thought Daughtry will sail through to the top. What a shocker, eh?

Now there's no clear winner. Only Elliott is left in my top four list which I made at the beginning of the season. And as much as I like Hicks for his goofy persona, he isn't as marketable as McPhee.

Or is he?

I'm officially stumped. Plus you never know what American mobile phone owners and American Idol fans will vote for in the end. I mean, c'mon. Outing both Paris Bennett and Chris Daughtry really shows you the musical leanings of the demographic's majority.

I sure as hell am not going to spend $$ voting now that the two best Idols are gone. Sorry, my (husband's) money is only for real talents!



  1. Erna said

    I quite like Elliot. He has a voice! But anyways, hope things are good for you. Don’t know if I ever told you this, but when I was a jobless bum living off my dad, I’d buy to read your gaming column. You were and still are one of my rolemodels-leh.

  2. Erna!! Oklah, it’s been a huge change for me, so got good and bad. U are so kind 🙂 I certainly miss working in the industry, that’s for sure!

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