English for unity

Check this out.

It's really odd to see this being debated. Seems like there are more important initiatives to talk about such as whether or not troops should be pulled out of Iraq and when, or the Katrina relief.

And I think Americans don't really speak English English anyway. I have problems understanding some of the jargon everyday, so I tend to say that Americans speak American.

For example, I had a hard time finding out what the heck 'pipe cleaner' was when gathering materials for an art project Rae and I wanted to do.

This is what a pipe cleaner is:

If not for Google, I might still be stumped. The 'pipe' it's referring to is actually a smoking pipe. I mean, someone could have told me "those colourful fuzzy twistable metal thingies people sometimes tie things with?" and I would've gotten it sooner.

Another example would be Crisco, which is a brand of shortening, which used to be made out of animal fat but is now made out of vegetable oil. Anyway, my mommy friends refer to all shortening as Crisco because it's the most popular brand. To a new cook and foreigner like me, again, I was like Cris-what?

Anyway, it has gotten to a point where I use Google almost daily to demystify jargon I hear everyday or I would be SO freakin' lost all the time. And I used to be a writer!

If you're going to be debating about this, I suggest calling the type of English spoken here as American altogether. It is getting to be a whole other language!


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