Open-source ‘English’

What happens when English is invented as it is spoken?

Take a look at, an encyclopaedia of 'street meanings' of words and jargon invented by everyday people.

I wanted to know exactly what the word 'gonzo' meant, so after looking at the definition on Google, I decided to try out UD as well.

Here were the results:

So 'gonzo' means:

  • noun, self-starred/directed/produced journalism
  • noun, self-starred/directed/produced porn
  • adjective, awesome and totally unbelievable
  • verb, when a person has left the building
  • name, of a certain muppet with a long, hooked nose
  • noun, to LOOK like a certain muppet with a long, hooked nose
  • noun, a sexual pastime involving making one's partner's face look like Gonzo the muppet with one's male genitals
  • noun, to be high on something
  • noun, to be very fast
  • noun, to wing something without care
  • noun, the last man standing after a drinking contest
  • adjective, to be mad out of your mind
  • name of a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler
  • verb, to commit suicide
  • verb, to have sex with a female from behind
  • verb, putting a used blue condom on a girl's nose after she passes out

Does that not make 'gonzo' the world's only two-syllable word that has the most meanings, ever? From an innocent blue muppet to some demeaning sexual act to DIY porn and/or journalism, how the hell does one even use the word without accidentally offending someone?

Well, the next time you feel like using a word you picked up, you would do well to run it by Google or Urbandictionary. Don't want to unwittingly ask to be slapped or something.


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  1. hehe…i searched my name and it came out undefined.

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