The cost of distraction

Time and money, that's what.

I now have FOUR games to keep my gaming sanity in check: World of Warcraft, Oblivion, Civ 4 and Diner Dash 2.

Yup, you guessed it. Lokes has just left.

And no amount of gaming in the world will cheer me up.

It is these times I wished I hadn't given up smoking.


  1. frosty said


    Time to play Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (the single player version), Titan Quest (when it comes out – similar like D2), Eve Online, GW: Factions, CoH and Cov (even though I haven’t played it yet)..

    WoW is consuming most of my time.. Now with my knight templar and pathstalker.. …

    Btw, which hour u played.. Hardly see you around in the morning..

  2. Erna said

    Dei…woman. The reason I never played WOW was because I was afraid it would take over my life. :p

    And you have 4 games? Wah lau eh.

  3. haha im at a stage where i just cant seem to get entertainedlah. Been playing WoW since forever, so getting bored. JUST finished Diner Dash 2 (LOL my gratuitous ‘chick’ game) so I’m done with that. Civ 4 is a mainstay. I play it when Im sick of everything else. It never fails to entertain, if only for a while.

    Oblivion is interesting tho. Just started one day. I’m getting addicted to the persuasion ‘minigame’, but my machine tableh handle the Gs lah. Sigh. Playing at 800×600 is like killing the game!

  4. Frost the reason u dont see me is because I now play on Duskwood. But that server is phracked. It’s full ALL the fucking time. Unbelievable.

  5. frosty said

    LOL… No wonder lol…

    Well… Muradin, Gurubashi also dying out… Btw, is Duskwood an Oceania server.. If it is, then I’m not surprised.. Oceania servers are d*** packed like going into a sardine can and expect to be squeeze out of your life.

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