Bizarre American Idol finals

I have a question: how come my best friend in Malaysia, Hazel, said that they aired the American Idol finals there at their time 8am, which is 5pm here in Seattle, when the show is only showing 'live' in LA (no time diff between LA and Seattle) at 8pm? They got it like three hours early?!

And news of the results were out like an hour ago before the show was 'live'?!

And what on EARTH happened to Meatloaf????

But who cares? TAYLOR HICKS WON!! YES! Perky boobs and tired good looks, eat your heart out!

And can I just say that Prince is so effin' hot I almost fainted from screaming like a mad ass alone in my house with the kids asleep? I swear if he ever comes to Seattle I am SO groupie-ing him.

And if you're gonna read a REAL report about the evening, try washingpost's blow-by-blow. I promise you, it's hilarious. I salute you, Lisa. You are goddess of lightning-quick sark.


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