Long term effects of all-day daycare on kids

All parents, particularly Malaysian parents of kids you are sending to daycare at early ages, read this.

I feel a strong urge to say "I told you so".

Thing is, if I were still in Malaysia, I would probably be guilty of this as well. After all, we sent Rae to Montessori when she was three months shy of turning three.

As harsh as my first months here in the States are, the move has taught me a few valuable lessons about setting my priorities as a parent straight. Sometimes, big changes DO change you. And for the better.



  1. Lian said

    Thanks for sharing this Jenn. In today’s kiasu world, it’s become easier to feel guilty for NOT sending your child to school early or showering them with numerous enrichment programs. Mothers are made to feel like they are committing a great crime for not putting their skills to earning an income. We’ve become so blinded in our chase to have more intelligent kids and more money we forget that the needs of our kids are simple: a mothers love, time and presence.

  2. Cindy said

    Both Lian and you are right! I refused to conform to the norm and only sent my child to one year in Kindergarten. She is sociable, bright and happy in spite of any of the pre-school programs recommended by others. Her grades in school are good; she is well adjusted, witty and confident. Having said that, I also have to step in and be her teacher/tutor as personal attention beats the rest, Anytime!

    Changes are excellent for the soul! : )

  3. Ah so true, Lian. It’s hard not to get swept along the kiasu current simply because we don’t know which is worse or better, mostly also because we don’t do enough research or can’t. It’s such a shame.

  4. Jo said

    Hi Jenn

    It’s has always been my policy if one day when I do hav kids, I wanna do it your way… definitely. I know from personal experience, how invaluable a mother’s time is. No doubt, money is much better with 2 parents working, but it is the intangible thing that is lost ultimately … and the effects only surface over time. That’s why i always encourages and give praise to mothers like you, shireen and sandy.

    On another note, just to let u know i finally had my eyes done… yep.. no regrets.. now i have 6/6 vision. Technology is really amazing.. i started with power of 950 and 850, being blind as a bat to sharp as an eagle now….totally elated over it.

  5. Wahhhh so now can go extend your eyelashes and see how long can last without taking off your contacts hehe. Pain or not?

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