Writing – and reading – again

Sometimes, you just have to wait for these things to happen.

Compounded by the fact that I've been writing about business and technology for 11 years, which you may think helps but really doesn't, my creative writing wells are parched to Atacaman proportions. It took a day of solid reading (thanks to the fact hubby is home) to crank the old engine. I wrote my first chapter. 977 words. Yay.

For leisurely online reading, I especially like Arts & Letters Daily and have rekindled my love for encyclopaedias, something I used to do extensively as a child. My dad was an encyclopaedia addict and I remember having dug up his priceless 10-volume compendium from this 'hidden' book cabinet in the living room. In there were all these huge, hard-cover, laced-bound books purchased through those Reader's Digest offers, which must've cost a fortune even then. My sis and I would pore over them, looking at the tiny words and pictures, not really reading most of the time but rather, admiring the thousands of images and drawings and diagrams. Believe it or not, I also used to draw. That part of me, like my once-svelte figure and youthful zest, is irreversibly lost.

Anyway, because I'm too lazy to dig out my old Macmillan 2004 version from the 57 boxes still unopened in my garage, I've been gleaning online versions, although I wished I knew how reliable Wikipedia really is and didn't have to pay for Encarta or Britannica. Yes, I am unreasonable like that.

It's good to be reading, and writing, again. Now if we did win that lottery, I could do this forever.

As I tackle Chapter Two, I leave you with this Reason article about how differently men and women read. Enjoy!



  1. I dont think so wikipedia is a “reliable” source.
    Good for research and digging information. But i’m not convince fully of the accuracy though.

  2. Yealah hehe. I think their ‘featured articles’ make good reading tho. Seems they research those properly.

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